Our Story

It all started having “business meetings” with my best friend on our balcony in Wollongong, NSW. We didn’t have a business. It was just an excuse to have a couple of G&Ts and talk about how we were going to make our millions.

I was in the Navy, and was deployed to the Gulf for a rotation. On return, I started watching a lot of youtube videos, and concentrated on learning how things were made. During a “business meeting” while sipping on a G&T, we started discussing how we could make the drink better. So, I got my first still and started experimenting in the spare bathroom of the apartment. After some guidance from the University of YouTube and many, many, mistakes, we made a gin that was okay.

I was posted to the West in 2021 to commission a new ship. Steph and I instantly fell in love with Western Australia and decided to set up our life here. When meeting new people I would bring up distilling (I was obsessed by this point). I would get taste notes, recipe suggestions and branding feedback from everyone who was willing to talk about it. After all that development, the feedback was so positive, Steph and I decided to pour our life savings into Billy Stitch and share our creations with the world.


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Our Range

We're proud to be part of the Perth gin scene, crafting unique and delicious gins that celebrate the flavours and culture of our beautiful city. We use only the finest botanicals, and distill our gin in small batches to ensure the perfect balance of flavour and complexity.

Whether you're a fan of classic London dry styles or looking to explore new and exciting flavours, we've got something for every gin lover!